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Andreu Laov

Help the best and most demanding travel agents and MICE consultants in the world to find unique and memorable experiences to their clients has been my goal since I started…

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Do you think you know London? The ever-changing England‘s capital brimming with with boundless possibilities that never runs out, surprise new and repeat visitors alike.

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Once-in-a-lifetime experiences await you in a cozy England that begs to be lived in all-encompassing unique private viewings tailored to your requirements.

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in a nutshells, Scotland fascinates all those who, attracted by the call of the north, visit it. In its iconic landscapes steeped in history and magic hides treasures about to be revealed for your eyes only.

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Although I am based in London and mostly offer experiences in the UK, thanks to my private network, I am proud to offer unique moments outside British‘ borders.

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A story lived in the first person, in those places where you always dreamed of being, moments of life that you thought were for others and not for you.

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