Please Kindly Note
All the experiences I offer are thanks to my unique relationships with the industry, organizing bodies, rights holders, private network, independent professionals and high worth individuals without whom  none of this would be possible and, to keep it that way, I adhere to strict terms and conditions.
I am

a totally independent travel consultant who is always looking for the next new place, experience or adventure.

I do not have

any type of ties, whether corporate or product, which allows me to offer you only what suits you best, not to me.

I do not offer

anything that I have not personally tested to ensure that I am offering the best of the best and I constantly check that it remains like this.

I am not

an informational site and will only provide information to my clients or to my tickets holders.

I am not

commission agent, all prices are net  fixed by the rights holder. I only charge a standard booking/service fee.

I only source

official ViP tickets and hospitality packages from official rights holders and / or organizers. The price of the tickets are the official neither above nor below

I do not

accept any request without a signed LOI (Letter of Intent) and  NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

I am used to

dealing with exclusive guests and you can be sure that you will have complete privacy in your dealings with me.

Please do not

contact me if tickets and experiences starting from £1,000 per person are outside your budget

If you have read the points above and are agree with them, please feel free to contact me by filling up the form at the contact page or sending a WhatsApp to +44 7865 429 149
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