If you dare to live it... I dare to take you there

Andreu Laov



A story lived in the first person, in those places where you always dreamed of being, moments of life that you thought were for others and not for you.


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are you dare to live it?

thanks to my unique relationships with the industry, organizing bodies, rights holders, private network, independent professionals and high worth individuals I am able to open the doors to the most exclusive events in which you can shine as what you are, the protagonist…

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an informational site and will only provide information to my clients or to my tickets holders.

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commission agent, all prices are net  fixed by the rights holder. I only charge a standard booking/service fee.

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official ViP tickets and hospitality packages from official rights holders and / or organizers. The price of the tickets are the official neither above nor below.


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contact me if tickets and experiences starting from £1,000 per person are outside your budget.

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