Do you think you know London? So think again. London, a city with must-see and exciting experiences that never run out, is waiting to be rediscovered by you, whether you are a newbie or a regular visitor.


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Londoner’s Experiences

The following is a curation, not a template, of my experiences in London, take them as guidelines on what you could expect, as I plan each and every experience from scratch listening to the ideas (if any) you have to fulfill your wish of being immersed, in London‘s way of life and living…

” The Crown”

if you’re a follower of the blockbuster serie “The Crown” and you wish to live out your royal daydreams…

Make it Yours
At first light

being the first soul awaken and see London‘s iconic landmarks at sunrise bathed in sunshine…

Get Inspired
Up in the Air

leave the crowds behind and see London‘s landmarks and its striking skylines from a new perspective…

Coming Soon
Night at the Museum

there is no better place to get a once in a lifetime experience than by hitting up London’s museums at night…

Coming Soon

And they don't need no friends. As long as they gaze on Waterloo sunset, they are in paradise

``Waterloo Sunset`` - The Kings (1967)

Featured Accommodation

One Aldwych

As an independently-owned, luxury hotel, One Aldwych is big enough to excite and small enough to care – come and take a look inside and discover it for yourself

The Goring

London‘s last remaining family-owned luxury hotel. Crafted over a century by one family, The Goring is the genuine article – a grand hotel with impeccable manners and a subtle streak of wit and wonder.

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